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Question Types

When creating a new form, you can choose between different question types. Each question type has its own purpose and can be used in different situations.

Following our principle of simplicity, we only offer a few question types. This way, you can focus on the content of your form and be not distracted by the number of options.

This guide will give you an overview about all of them and explain their purpose.


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One of the most common question types is the AB-Question. It allows you to ask a question with two possible answers (default: yes/no).

In the editor you can set the question and customize the answer labels. However keep in mind, that there can only be two possible answers.

Text Input

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The text input question type allows you to ask a question with an open text input. This way, you can ask for a name, a comment or any other text.

The text input has a built in RegExp validation, so you can require a specific format (e.g. email address).


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Another really useful question type is the slider. You can for example use it to collect a mood rating. But feel free to use your creativity!


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Grading is a very common way to collect feedback and we are happy to offer you this question type. Type in your question and let the user rate it with a grade from 1 (red) to 6 (green).

If you are missing any specific question type, let us know.